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Binomial Distribution Calculator

The Binomial Distribution gives the discrete probability distribution Pp(n|N) of obtaining exactly n successes out of N Bernoulli trials (where the result of each Bernoulli trial is true with probability p and false with probability q = 1-p). The binomial distribution is given by this formula

binomial distribution formula - Bernoulli trials

The binomial distribution calculator below asks to enter three parameters: the number of trials (N), the exact number of successes (n), and the probability of success (p).


What is the probability that in five rolls of a fair die, a one appears twice?

N = 5
n = 2
p = 1/6 = 0.16666

Answer = 0.16075

This is an image of how you can enter the data into the calulator:

example of binomial distribution

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Binomial Distribution

Number of trials N =
Exact nr of successes n =
Probability of success p =

Probability of
successes in trials =

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Binomial Distribution Code in Matlab

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