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Calculate Square Feet and inches - use this online calculator

Below you can use an online calculator to help you calculate square feet and inches. You have to enter the height and length of a square or rectangle. You can include feet and inches. The calculator will give you the resulting square footage and equivalent square inches.

area of a rectangle

You may enter only feet, only inches or a combination of both in either the width or length fields. The total width and length will be updated when you click the 'Calculate' button. You may also wish to change just certain fields and recalculate.

How to Calculate Square Feet and inches


Height = 10 ft 4 in
Length = 9 ft 3 in

The results are:

Heigth (ft) = 10.333
Length (ft) = 9.250
Square Feet = 95.583 ft2

Heigth (in) = 124
Length (in) = 111
Square inches = 13,764 in2

Please, enable JavaScript code, otherwise the calculator won't work.

Enter height and length of your area...

Height = ft in
Length = ft in

Height (ft) =
Length (ft) =
Area = ft2

Height (in) =
Length (in) =
Area = in2

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