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Below you can find a Chi-square calculator. In probability and statistics, the chi-square distribution with v degrees of freedom is the distribution of a sum of v2 independent standard normal random variables. It’s one of the most
used probability distributions in inferential statistics.

This spreadsheet calculates the tail-end value for points on a chi-square (X2) distribution curve. You must enter the X2 value and the degrees of freedom.

chi square calculator - spreadsheet
Chi-square distribution curve

The unshaded area represents the tail-end value of X2. The shaded area represents the percentile.

The X2 distribution function is calculated using the following formulas:

with v odd,

chi-square for odd values

with v even,

chi-square for even values


v = degrees of freedom

summation to calculate chi-square distribution

Example: let's calculate percentiles and tail-end values

A X2 statistic for a given study was computed to be 3.2 with two degrees of freedom. What are the tail-end and percentile values?

You enter your data:

Enter degrees of freedom = 2
Enter chi-square (X2) = 3.2

and get these results:

Tail end value = 0.2019
Percentile = 0.7981

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Chi-square Distribution

Enter degrees of freedom:
Enter Chi-square value:

Tail-end value:

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