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Coordinate conversion: polar-to- cartesian and cartesian-to-polar

This couple of Matlab functions perform a coordinate conversion of a point given in Cartesian coordinates to polar coordinates, and vice versa.

When we use this polar-to-cartesian function, we enter a magnitude and an angle in degrees as parameters. The function returns a real number (x) and a complex number (y value).

When we use the cartesian-to-polar function, we enter a complex value as parameter. The function returns a magnitude, an angle in radians and an equivalent angle in degrees.

The formulas for the conversions are:

coordinate conversion: polar to cart. and vice versa
coordinate conversion formulas


x = abscissa
y = ordinate
r = magnitude
a = angle

These are the functions:

function [x,y]= polar2cart (mag, ang_in_deg)
x = mag * cos(ang_in_deg*pi/180);
y = j * mag * sin(ang_in_deg*pi/180);

function [r, ar, ad] = cart2polar(x)
r = abs(x);
ar = angle(x);
ad = ar*180/pi;

And now we test them:

% Clear memory and screen. Avoid double-blank lines
clear; clc; format compact

[x, y] = polar2cart(2, 30.5)
[r, ar, ad] = cart2polar(7 + 18i)
[r, ar, ad] = cart2polar(0 - 46.8i)

The results are:

x = 1.7233
y = 0 + 1.0151i
r = 19.3132
ar = 1.1999
ad = 68.7495
r = 46.8000
ar = -1.5708
ad = -90

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