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Electric Consumption Calculator


Example of Domestic Charges

Online Calculator

How to Read your eMeter - Downloadable Presentation


We'll calculate the cost of our electric consumption (see the online calculator below).

This calculation is based on this formula:

electricity cost formula

W = power of device (in watts)
H = time (in hours)
R = electricity rate (in dollars per KWH, provided by your company)
ec = electricity charges to be calculated

You need to enter in the calculator the rate charged by your electricity company. You also need to know the power of the devices or appliances you're using (we're trying approximate numbers, so don't worry if you don't know the exact value). You also have to be aware of the time that you're using those devices per month (in hours). It's known that HVAC devices or appliances are responsible for at least 80% of our monthly charges. Naturally, this changes in different countries and in different seasons.

Device or appliance wattage (power) is usually printed right on the device.

Example of Electricity Charges

Before you do calculations for your household, we recommend checking the tags and owners manuals for your appliances to get precise figures.

Electricity Cost Calculator

Rate ($ per kwh) = 0.109

Power (W) Time (h) Charges
Device 1 110 7 $0.08
Device 2 1000 2 $0.22
Device 3 60 4 $0.03
Device 4 3 24 $0.01

Total = $0.34

From the table above, we can see that if your rate is 10.9 cents per kwh (kilowatt-hour), a 60-W bulb on for 4 hours can cost you 3 cents in electricity (just for those 4 hours). A 110-W desktop computer, on for 7 hours, can represent 8 cents in your bill (just for those 7 hours). A 3-W alarm-clock, on for 24 hours represents 1 cent in your bill. A 1000-W iron can cost you 22 cents for 2 hours of service...

Online Calculator - Electricity Consumption

Please, enable JavaScript codes on your navigator, otherwise the calculator won't work.

Enter the rate, power and time of use for each device.
Click the 'Calculate' button and you'll get the charges per device and total.

Rate ($ per kwh):

_________ Power (W) Time (h) Charges ($)
Device 1:
Device 2:
Device 3:
Device 4:
Device 5:

Grand Total:

How to read the electric meter

See this presentation to understand how to read the dials on your meter.
Just keep in mind how you read your analog clock, the concept is exactly the same...

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