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Electrical Calculations

Circuit Analysis

In this section we analyze some examples related to electrical calculations and circuit analysis. We're using Matlab to develop easy codes and we're including some spreadsheets that we consider relevant. They can save you some time in these tasks.

Linear Algebra and its applications
In this example we see how to solve a simple circuit to find the values of the currents through different loops or closed conducting paths of an electrical circuit...

Nodal Analysis
We review another circuit. This time the circuit includes independent current sources. We see the Kirchhoff's Current Law in action...

Simple Circuit
A circuit with more components, a current source and a dependent current-controlled (ccvs)...

RC Circuit
Transient analysis or a charging / discharging RC network...

Circuit Simulator
This is a very interesting article. We see how to interface Matlab and Winspice. We can drive the electronic simulator from Matlab, change parameters to evaluate and read results. This means that we can use the electronic simulator as if it was a Matlab built-in function!

Ohm's Law Calculator
This is an online spreadsheet. You can calculate resistances, currents, voltages and power, when you know some of the variables...

GUI - Resistor Code
This is a graphical user interface (GUI) to learn the value of a resistor if you can see its colors...

Electric Consumption
This article has a more practical approach. You can calculate the cost of your electric consumption if you know the power of your appliances and the cost per kilowatt-hour of your electric company. This could have some environmental applications...

Electricity Cost Calculator
This is the online implementation of the example just above. You know how to calculate that with Matlab, now you can use an online spreadsheet...

Electronic Experiments
We make some suggestions on toys to explore the fascinating world of electronics. You can learn and experiment with real analog and digital electronics...

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