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F-Distribution Table - use this calculator instead!

This tool is an equivalent of an F-distribution table and calculates percentile values for given values on an F-distribution curve. You must provide the F-value, and the degrees of freedom in both numerator and denominator. The F-distribution calc makes it very easy to find the cumulative probability associated with an F-value.

f-distribution curve - spreadsheet online
F-distribution curve

The F-distribution table is approximated using the following formula:

percentile formula for F distribution

a1 = 0.196854
a2 = 0.115194
a3 = 0.000344
a4 = 0.019527

y axis formula for f distribution

d1 = degrees of freedom in numerator
d2 = degrees of freedom in denominator

epsilon in f distribution


What is the percentile on a F-distribution table when the F-value is 2 and the degrees of freedom are both 5?

We use our online table and enter:

F-value = 2
Degrees of freedom in numerator = 5
Degrees of freedom in denominator = 5

The result is

Percentile = 0.7681

Another example:

If the f-value is 0.47, the degrees of freedom in the numerator is just 1 and in the denominator is 17, use the tool like this, and get:

example of calculation of f-distribution

Try it!!

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F-Distribution Calculator

F-value =
Degrees of freedom in numerator =
Degrees of freedom in denominator =

Percentile =

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F-Distribution code in Matlab

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