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Future Value Annuity - Online Calculator

The spreadsheet below calculates a future value whan regular deposits are made.

Assuming that interest is compounded with each deposit, the calculation is based on the following formula:

formula to calculate annuity


T = total value after Y years (future value)
R = amount of regular deposits
N = number of deposits per year
Y = number of years
i = nominal interest rate

Calculate Annuity

An amount of $460 is trasferred monthly from Daisy's checking account to a
Halloween Club savings account, with 7.3% interest. How much will Daisy receive at the end of the year?

Use the calculator and just fill in the blanks... for example:

Future Value (annuity)

Amount of regular deposit = 460.00
Nominal Interest rate = 7.30 %
Nr. of deposits / yr = 12
Number of years = 1

The result of the annuity calculator is

Future Value = 5,708.49

You have to allow JavaScript codes in this site, oterwise the calculator below won't work.

Enter the needed values...
(do not use commas)

Amount of Regular Deposits:
Nominal Interest Rate: %
Nr. of deposits / yr:
Nr. of years:

Future Value:

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Calculate Annuity code in Matlab

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