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MATLAB Tutorial

This is a group of easy step-by-step Matlab tutorials. See the descriptions and go to the topic of your interest. After these 'in-a-nutshell' lessons, you'll be almost ready to do your own Matlab programs!

Tutorial Lesson 1: Using MATLAB (a minimum session)
You'll log on or invoke MATLAB, do a few trivial calculations and log off.

Tutorial Lesson 2: Vector Algebra (algebra with many numbers at once!). You'll learn to create arrays and vectors, and how to perform algebra and trigonometric operations on them. This is called 'Vector Algebra'...

Tutorial Lesson 3: Matlab Plots (creating and printing plots). You'll learn to make simple MATLAB plots and print them out...

Tutorial Lesson 4:
Matlab Code (creating, saving, and executing a Script File). You'll learn to create Script files (MATLAB code) and execute them.

Tutorial Lesson 5: Matlab Programs (create and execute Function Files). You'll learn to write and execute Matlab programs. Also, you'll learn the difference between a script file and a function file...

Working with Polynomials
Polynomials are used so commonly in algebra, geometry and math in general that Matlab has special commands to deal with them. The polynomial 24 + 3x3 − 10x2 − 11x + 22 is represented by...

Polynomial Regression
More examples on curve fitting using polyfit and polyval...

Cell Arrays
These objects are able to store variables of different size or type (very much like structures in other programming languages). It is the most versatile data object...

One script after another - Exponential Decay
A quantity is said to be subject to exponential decay if it decreases at a rate proportional to its value. Half-life is the period of time...

Merge Text Files
Ways to merge text files in Matlab. This is very useful if we want to work with available data that was generated by other programs...

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