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Scilab - another laboratory for matrices and number crunching

It is always good to be able to work in different environments. There are several numerical tools that offer plenty of functions to work with matrices, arrays, structures and powerful visualization capabilities. This section explores some basic ideas to work with a SCIence LABoratory.

Numerical Software
This is a list of software intended to work with large amount of numbers and data analysis.

Tutorial - Hello World!
You'll type your very first program in Scilab or Scicoslab.

Basic Commands and Data Types
We'll explore built-in functions and data types, with simple lines of code.

The IF Statement
The IF statement lets you evaluate a condition and works together with the THEN clause to take a course of action based on...

Branching - Select Case
The common Switch statement becomes the Select Case statement in Scilab, compare it with the Matlab switch case.

2D plots
Basic functions to create easy 2D-plots.

Functions and Scripts
In past years they were called subroutines...

Scilab Examples - 2D summary
Several types of plots in Scilab: single and multiple plots, pies, histograms, etc. A practical approach with solutions, not only problems.

Piecewise Functions
See one method to create piecewise functions. See how to vectorize pieces and plot them.

3D Plots
Explore some features for 3D plotting. You'll learn about parametric curves, meshgrids and other special built-in functions.

Recursion in Scilab
A brief experiment with the factorial function.

Integral Calculator
Calculate definite integrals using intg or int2d functions for this purpose.

Scilab and Scicos Books
Suggested books for Scilab/Scicos. Examples, applications and modeling are explored...

Curve Fitting
An approach to polyfit and polyval functions...

Least Squares Fit
An example of the leastsq function...

Datafit Function
Another way of curve fitting to adjust parameters...

Gradient-based Optimization
We use optim to accomplish minimization of functions...

High-Pass filter Simulation
Interface Scilab-Winspace for electronic simulations...

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