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Linear Algebra


Electronic Projects


How to program easily


Getting started with Matlab

Matlab IDE

Basic Programming skills

Taking data from other sources

Modifying 2D Drawings

Intro to GUIs

Including numbers in strings

Modifying ticks along the x-axis

Curve Fitting

Note on Cell-Arrays


Polynomial Fits

Intro to Cell-Arrays

Exponential Decay - Half-Life

Load/Save text files



Electricity cost calculator


Flow Control

Collatz Conjecture

Armstrong Numbers

Piecewise Function

Line segments - straight lines

Pascal's Triangle

Calculus Problems

Series and Sequences

Harmonic Series


Sine Series

Lucas series

Definite Integrals

Maclaurin series

Taylor Expansion

Fourier analysis

Fourier series

2D Plots

Impulse function

Step function

Periodic functions

2D Drawings - a list of types

Smith Chart

3D Plots

3D Graphs - a list of types

Solids of Revolution


Probability and Statistics


Random Number Table

Electrical Calculations

Simple Circuit

RC Circuit

Power Factor Correction

Ohm's Law

Electricity Consumption

Contact Form

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