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Commands-1 (download list)


Vector Basics

Magic Squares

Matrix Basics

Tutorials (first steps)

Using Matlab

Vector Algebra

Plot Basics

Your Codes (scripts)

Your Programs or Functions

Polynomials in Matlab

Examples (beyond the tutorials)


Vector Algebra




Matrix Manipulation

Dot Product

Cross Product

Complex Numbers

Future Value (finances)

Flow Control

For-loop Iterations

Nested loops (Matrix Multiplication)

While-loop Iterations

Square Root algorithm (example of while-loops)

Decisions or Branches (If's)

Break - Continue

Combined example (Matrix Inversion)


Boolean Algebra

Boolean - Relational Summary

Or Xor Not

Basic Boolean Axioms

De Morgan's laws

Combinational Logic


Linear Algebra


Cramer's Rule

Simultaneous Equations

Application (Circuit Analysis)

Linear Programming

LU Factorization

Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)

2D Plots

Plot Basics

Horizontal and vertical lines

Pie plots


Stems - Discrete plotting

Logarithmic plots

Polar plots

Bell curve (Gaussian)

Simple Animation

Comet plots

3D Plots

View, grid, subplot

Meshgrid, plot3, meshc, surfc

Sphere, plot3, mesh

Meshgrid, contour3, mesh, surfc, surfl

Pie Charts

3D Animation


Basics (Hello world!)


Magic Trick! (download code!)

Another Card Trick! (download code!)

Resistor Code (values of electrical resistors)

Calculating BMI (interface to Excel)

Cookbook I

Quadratic equations

Polygon Area

Menus - Select Case (example in Trigonometry)

Matrix Decomposition (factorization)

Geometric Mean


Curvilinear (Lagrange) Interpolation

Linear Regression

Data Analysis (txt files, process, save results)



Integration - Trapezoidal Rule

Integration - Simpson's Rule

Prime Factors

Euclidean Algorithm - Greatest Common Denominator (GCD)

Coordinate Conversion

Bisection Method

Cookbook II

Polynomial Roots

Handling strings (change numbers into letters)

Fibonacci Numbers

Converting binary-to-decimal numbers

Decimal-to-binary conversions



Octal to Decimal

Decimal to Octal

MS Excel and Matlab

Circuit simulation (using WinSpice)

Improved interface: Matlab-WinSpice

Mathematical optimization

Nonlinear Simultaneous Equations

Nonlinear Programming

RGB images

Probability and Statistics

Permutations and Combinations

Normal Distribution

Binomial Distribution

Poisson Distribution



Chi-square distribution

Random Numbers

Financial Formulas

Relevant Links

Contact Form

Notes on Computing

Free ebooks for Webmasters

Webmasters Business Course (free download)

Service Sellers Masters Course (free download)

A good idea to sell your knowledge!

Netwriting Masters Course (free download)

Affiliate Masters Course (free download)

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