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Disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liabilities

The author has taken due care in preparing this site and the codes on it, including research, development and testing to ascertain their effectiveness. The author makes no expressed or implied warranty of any kind with regard to these codes or programs nor the supplementary documentation on this site. In no event shall the author be liable for incidental or consequential damages in connection with or arising out of the furnishing, performance or use of any of these codes or programs.

Trademark Notice

Product or corporate names mentioned on this site may be trademarks or registered trademarks, and are used only for identification purposes and explanation, without intent to infringe.


A cookie is a piece of information that is stored on your computer's hard drive by your web browser. On revisiting this site the computer server will recognize the cookie, giving this site information about your last visit. Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but usually you can alter the settings of your browser to prevent automatic acceptance. If you choose not to receive cookies, you may still use most of the features of this website. poohprod.ru does not at this point in time use cookies. However, external sites that are linked to may be using cookies.

Privacy Policy

poohprod.ru treats your privacy seriously. In general, the author uses the personal information that is collected from you to identify and match your name against queries that you place, only.

NOTICE: This policy only applies to poohprod.ru services and not to the companies, individuals, organizations or other websites to which there are links.

The search box on this web site ("Search Box") is powered by Google Inc. ("Google"). You acknowledge and agree that Google's privacy policy shall apply to your use of the Search Box and by using the Search Box you consent to Google using your personal data in accordance with its privacy policy.


Your use of this web site signifies your consent to us collecting and using personal information about you as specified below in accordance with this Policy. Should poohprod.ru choose to change this Policy for any reason, the changes will be posted here, so that you are always kept informed of how poohprod.ru collects and uses your personal information.

You may provide personal information when communicating with matrixlab-examples.com. For instance, when you e-mail us.

It is possible to use information collected about you to personalize your visits to the web site and recommend goods or services to you. It is also possible to use the information to help develop the design and layout of the web site to ensure that they are as useful and enjoyable as possible.

poohprod.ru will never sell or give away the personal information collected about you to any third parties.

Traffic Data

poohprod.ru may provide aggregate statistics about sales, traffic patterns and other site information to third parties, but these statistics will never include any information that could personally identify you.

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